What’s happening in SCOOP and in the world of investigative journalism.

Deadline for new applications April 1st

The deadline for proposals for Scoop-investigations is 1st of April. Later this year it will be possible to apply again for financial support for investigations.

8 million African men, women and children trafficked since 2000

They have ended up as unpaid labourers in construction sites, in food processing plants, in brothels, as household slaves, on plantations, in the criminal underworld, in prisons, dead, or simply on the streets. Many have paid large amounts of money for this “privilege” to be trafficked. From 2000 to date, at least 8 million Africans have been trafficked to destinations in Europe, America and the Middle East. Read the FAIR (Forum for African Investigative Reporters) Transnational Investigation 2008: ‘A better life elsewhere: human traffic in and from Africa’ here.

Private financing of quality journalism emerging in Europe

The traditional financing of quality journalism – ads on paper – has partly disappeared because of the Internet. What economic model will ensure that journalists can continue to fulfill their social function?

A Boost for investigative reporting in the Arabic world

Scoop’s sister organisation Arab investigative journalists (ARIJ) just held its first regional conference for Arab Reporters for Investigative journalism in Amman, November 28-30, 2008. At the conference 240 journalists and media trainers from the whole region came to listen to key note speakers such as the founder of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, professor Sheila Coronell and Yosri Fouda, chief investigative correspondent of Al Jazeera.

Scoop-journalists aquitted

Three Moldovan journalists investigating fraud at the local town hall in the town of Rezina were accused by the mayor of “damaging his honour, dignity and professional reputation” according to the Journalistic Investigations Center in Chisinau. However the three journalists aswell as their two media publications were all aquited.

Scoop seminar in Macedonia

Meet colleges – develop ideas for journalistic investigations – and hear about how Scoop can help you fund your project. We invite 20 journalists for Scoop’s seminar in Skopje Saturday 17th of January from 10-16.

French weekly wants original investigations on Serb mafia

If an investigation from East- or Southeastern Europe gets published in French weekly Courrier International, it is clear, original and different from the news you hear everywhere else. Interview with editor of Western Europe desk, Eric Maurice.

How articles cross from East to West media

How does an investigative reporter sell an article to a Western media? Read the tricks from David Leigh former comment editor, and present assistant editor of the Guardian, with special responsibility for investigative reporting.

Difficult to syndicate even awardwinning articles

In spite of a long list of awards and prizes, Scoop-supported articles still have trouble syndicating their work to Western media. Scoop’s manager from 2003-2007, Henrik Kaufholz describes the problem.

New deadline for applications

The deadline for application for funding of investigations has been changed. In the future we will introduce 4 annual deadlines for applications: 1st of January, 1st of April, 1st of July and 1st of October. In case a colleague urgently needs support for an investigation in between those dates, we can still give money, however it should be a good explanation, why it’s urgent. Danish manager of Scoop, Brigitte Alfter, emphasizes that the changes is not due to a problem or the like but to keep the Scoop network both flexible and to make sure that Scoop continues to function as good as it hs until now eventhough it keeps growing, for example in the Kaukasus.

Scoop-Caucasus stays in Georgia

Scoop deeply regrets the recent acts of war in Georgia. Both the many civilian losses and the deaths and injuries of several journalists. Among the dead reporters are according to Reporters Without Borders Giga Chikhladze, correspondent of Russian Newsweek and head of Alania TV, Alexander Klimchuk, head of the photo agency Caucasus Press Images and correspondent for the news agency Itar-Tass, and Stan Storimans, cameraman for the Dutch TV station RTL-4.

Cleaning up Media Rumours

An investigation based on the terrifying descriptions of the fate of children from an orphanage in the war stroke city of Sarajevo turned out to be a happy story. Read the interview that member of Danish Scoop-management Claus Vittus did with Dario Novalic, instructor of the Scoop-supported documentary “If You are watching this, Mum”. The documentary will be shown on September 10th at The 5th Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Lillehammer, Norway.