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Global Conference in Johannesburg

The next Global Investigative Journalism Conference will be held November 2-5, 2017. The venue will be Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa. It will be the first GIJC to be held on the African continent, but investigative reporters have gathered many times before at Wits for the Power Reporting Conferences. We look forward to joining! […]

ARIJ Hires Investigative Editor

Do you want the best job in the Middle East? Do you have at least 5 years’ experience as an investigative editor? Then apply for the job opening at SCOOP’s sister organisation ARIJ (Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism), the region’s leading investigative reporting organization. As an investigative editor, you are going to lead a team […]

Inspiration to Tell Your STories Well

Storytelling tradtions are very different, just from east to west in Europe, let alone from continent to continent. But we can draw inspiration from other traditions -and Maria Terese Ronderos has collected cases from around the world: Azerbeijan, The Netherlands and Zimbabwe for example. A New Era for Storytelling

Last Chance to Apply for BIRN Master Class

30 experienced investigative journalists – 20 from Balkan countries, 10 from other countries – will participate in the BIRN master class in Konjic, Bosnia-Hecegovina, on July 21-27. The lead trainer will be Blake Morrison, investigative projects editor at Reuters in New York and lecturer at Columbia University, New York. Other trainers will be Martin Kaiser, […]

Investigative Summer School in Riga

The Centre for Media Studies at SSE Riga on August 11-13 hosts the fifth Summer School on Investigative Reporting. The keynote speaker is Masha Gessen, the Russian-American journalist famous for her chronicle of the rise of Vladimir Putin. Ms Gessen is an independent journalist and author. She is a native Russian, now living in New […]

Ukranian Award for Investigation of Bloody Day at Maidan

Two tv-reporters were awarded this year’s prize for the best investigative reporting in Ukraine, the Proxy Award. Angelina Karyakina and Anastasia Stanko got the award at this year’s Mezhyhirya Festival on Saturday June 4th.There were a total of 106 entries in the competition. The jury rewarded their investigation of events on the most bloody day […]

If You Can’t Buy It, Burn It

In the Kaliningrad region, people are in danger if they live in old houses on attractive spots close to the sea. Someone might want to have their beautiful view. If a person living in an old house on a popular locations refuses to leave, there is a big risk that their house will set fire. […]

Money Loves Silence

The Ukrainian TV-program ‘Stop corruption’ has exposed systematic illegal logging and collection of old metal from the zone around the wrecked nuclear power plant Chernobyl.  It is a very profitable business, and authorities seem to do very little to stop it. In the TV-documentary, we follow an activist guiding journalists around to the sites, where […]